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New student sign-ups on the same day

of Demo. Qualify for an Aviation Headset!


Limited Time Offer after first flight

Learn to fly in 2 months
for all inclusive

  • BUENA PARK, CA  (adjacent to FULLERTON AIRPORT)                              

  • FORT PIERCE, FL (serving 3 adjacent

  • airports, Vero Beach, Okeeochobee

  • & Fort Pierce)

(949) 283-9041

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Take a look at our latest students who went solo within approximately 6 weeks!

This could be you too!

If you want to be a pilot, call Deon at Fly Light Sport (949) 283-9041

Flight Training

Learn to fly in 2 months starting from just $6,950 in a REMOS GX light sport aircraft. This includes training, books and materials. Written test fees, and checkride fee are not included.


Did you know?  You can continue training with us beyond the Light Sport Certificate and obtain a Private Pilot Certificate with our REMOS GX?  And all your hours from the Light Sport Certificate count toward the Private Pilot certificate!


We can train Foreign Pilots as well, and your Light Sport Certificate can qualify you for commercial drone operations. Inquire with us for details.


Demo Flights


Experience aviation today starting at $150 for 40 minutes of flight.  Call to inquire if you would like to arrange a longer demonstration flight.


Leaving from Fullerton, test your hand at aviation as we fly over Los Angeles, Orange County, along the California coastline.

If you'd like get a taste of what in-flight instruction is like without the full commitment, we offer an hour-long hands-on class starting at $179.

Our Aircraft

We train students exclusively using the Remos GX aircraft, a modern aircraft constructed of carbon fiber and kevlar, and boasts one of the highest usable payload weights in the Light Sport Aircraft class.


How usable?  We can accommodate up to a 285 pound student with instructor onboard and a full tank of fuel!  Other aircraft and schools cannot.


Please see the Aircraft Specifications page for details.

We also sell The Whisper in kit form or fully built!

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